W.E.W. is a business conference providing a platform where multi-cultural women business owners & executives come together to openly share and discuss what they did and what you must do in order to sustain momentum to reach new heights.  The topics will range from discussions and training on business cultures, unconscious biases, gender equality, need for diversity and other social economic factors that affect women economic empowerment as entrepreneurs and executives. It is an occasion where multi-cultural women will “soar high on wings like eagles” as they share their common experiences. It is a business conference and a membership for Corporations, Entrepreneurs, and Business Executives to become champions for these women, as W.E.W. becomes a movement for change.  These are must attend business conferences to learn more about women who elevate women, and men who elevate women and why.

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Learn about the 5 pillars of success from subject matter experts. Attend training on how to pitch your company's value proposition.


March 6, 2019



A movement for successful businesswomen who share similar cultural experiences. Luncheon panel features "Men Who Elevate Women".

Atlanta, Georgia

June 11-12, 2019


Become a Gold or Platinum Member and submit articles on website. Nominate a women who elevates women. 

Become a Gold or Platinum Member


Show stakeholders your commitment  and brand multi cultural women in your community. Expand current programs.

W.E.W. Sponsors Elevate Women



Encourage. Inspire. Elevate.

A W.E.W. Membership entitles you to be part of a preeminent organization that engages multi-cultural women in conversations on well-informed tactics and principles on how to scale and grow as an entrepreneur or business executive. You will meet executives who have shared similar cultural experiences as women of color. The women and men affiliated with W.E.W.  know the drive needed to succeed and endure in the business community. W.E.W. willingly shares their experiences.

Annual Registration Fee waived at different levels of annual membership.

VIP Receptions: You will have access to an exclusive networking event with Corporate Sponsors, Advisory Board Members, Founder, Keynote Speakers, Presenters, and other W.E.W. Members.

Networking Events: At the close of each W.E.W. Business Conferences, network with attendees in some powerful interactions.  Get involved in conversations about the various business cultures, and other social economic factors that affect women economic empowerment, as entrepreneurs and business executives.


Conference Call/ Consultation: Enjoy two (2) 30 minutes or one-hour consultation with Founder & CEO completed within 90 days of your initial membership for the first 100 Members to join.

Identify Local Non Profits: W.E.W. is donating up to 10% of all registration fees to a nonprofit in your community who emboldens the W.E.W. mission to ENCOURAGE, INSPIRE, & ELEVATE women and girls.


Identify W.E.W. Honoree: Nominate an individual or corporation, who demonstrate their willingness to help women soar in their career and businesses.


Access to all 2019 Conference articles and blogs: W.E.W. membership gives you the opportunity to submit articles, blogs and webinars on the W.E.W. website.


Reserved Breakfast & Luncheon Table: This seating is for Gold Members Only.                  


*Must be completed within 90 days of Membership

Dates of the Events are:

MD/DC/VA - March 6, 2019

Atlanta, GA - June 11-12, 2019

The many benefits, access to opportunities, networking and training celebrate women by elevating them in the five (5) pillars of success:  Connect. Cultivate. Collaborate. Communicate. Courage. The time is now to be part of a tribe of successful individuals who champion multi-cultural women as a movement for change.




Helping Women with Drive to Survive and Thrive



W.E.W. is seeking sponsorships for the upcoming business conferences presented by Betty Hines, Business Strategist. The W.E.W. Advisory Team has a plethora of speakers & subject matter experts, attracting extraordinary multi-cultural women business executives and entrepreneurs. Engage in a luncheon conversation featuring an all-male panel of successful men who elevate women.

W.E.W. sponsors support women needs:  Encourage. Inspire. Elevate

  • Enhance, compliment, or expand your existing diversity & inclusion program with this elite affinity group of multi-cultural women.

  • Deliver a strong message to your stakeholders that you are committed to a diverse culture today and tomorrow.

  • Demonstrate to your thought leaders that you value collaboration with this key growth market.

  • Highlight the importance of positive branding of multi-cultural women in our growing diverse community.

  • Promote the importance of women to take initiative for their own health and finances as key leaders in their households and communities.



Presenting Partner


  • Keynote and VIP Reception

  • 15 VIP Reception Invitations

  • 15 Conference & Networking Event Tickets

  • Introduction of Luncheon Keynote/Panelists

  • Full Page Ad Front Inside Cover

  • Vendor Table

  • Brand Visibility all Marketing Materials Ad Campaigns via Social Media Platforms/ Website/ Step & Repeat

  • 3 Webinars

  • 3 Reserved Tables with Speakers & VIP

  • Email List of Attendees

  • 1 item for Swag Bag


Title Partner

  • 10 VIP Reception Invitations

  • 10 Conference & Networking Event Tickets

  • Introduction of 2 Pillar Group Sessions AM/PM

  • Full Page Ad Back Cover

  • Vendor Table

  • Brand Visibility all Marketing Materials Ad Campaigns via Social Media Platforms/Website/Step & Repeat

  • 2 Webinars

  • 2 Reserved Tables with VIP and Conference Panelists

  • Email List of Attendees 

  • 1 item for Swag Bag


Gold Partner

  • 8 VIP Reception Invitations

  • 8 Conference & Networking Event Tickets

  • Full Page Ad Inside Back Cover

  • Introduction of 1 Pillar Group Session AM/PM

  • 1 Reserved Table with Panelists

  • Brand Visibility all Marketing Materials

  • Vendor Table

  • Email List of Attendees

  • 1 item for Swag Bag


Platinum Partner

  • 5 VIP Reception Invitations

  • 5 Conference and Networking Event Tickets

  • Full page AD/Best Location

  • Brand Visibility all Marketing Materials

  • Vendor Table

  • Email List of Attendees

  • 1 item for Swag Bag


Silver Partner

  • 4 VIP Reception Invitations

  • 4 Conference and Networking Event 

  • 1/2 Page AD

  • Brand Visibility all Marketing Materials

  • Vendor Table

  • Email List of Attendees

  • 1 item for Swag Bag


Audio / Visual Partner

  • 1 VIP Reception Invitation

  • 2 Conference and Networking Event

  • Vendor Table

  • 1 item for Swag Bag


Vendor Table Partner

  • 1 Conference Event Ticket

  • 1 Networking Event Ticket​




"I had the opportunity to attend the W. E.W conference in Atlanta, GA. All the women who attend have built an incredible bond that I have never experienced at any conference before. It was a incredible day that has driven me and given me lifelong tools. Thank you Betty Hines for giving women a platform for growth and an opportunity to share with each other the struggles that lead to greatness."


Ciemone Sheppard - New York Life


"Betty has made W.E.W  a safe and open venue to engage in conversation and to learn from each other. The relationships built at the events goes beyond the conference and they become more solid each time the women connect."

Tracy Balazs, RN - President & CEO, FSR


"Betty Hines has identified five pillars of success to help women gain the knowledge to scale their businesses and prosper. The core values of Cultivate, Communicate, Collaborate, Courage and Connections are particularly important for multicultural and diverse women to compete in the current business environment."

Marguerita Cheng, CFP


"What I found to be the most inspiring and encouraging for me, was the humility and the spirit of service I felt from each of the presenters. They were real women, who have conquered real life challenges and have gained phenomenal accomplishments.  Each presenter made me feel comfortable to ask questions and get answers that I am able to apply to increase my confidence in life journey that I am now walking."

Valerie Gary Bell, Global President

Connectional Lay Organization

African Methodist Episcopal Church


"We learned what it meant to start celebrating failures instead of putting yourself down and we were encouraged to ask ourselves “What is my journey?” and “What is my purpose?”.  We finally learned one of the most important lessons of the day – WE show STRENGTH when we ASK for HELP.  All participants experienced, as women, what it meant to collaborate and ask for help during the day long conference.  All such amazing take-aways!"

Kim Ross, Director of Business Operations, PINNACLE GROUP


"Tuve la bendición de asistir a W.E.W. en el evento en Baltimore / DC en marzo de 2018. La razón por la que elegí asistir a este evento en particular, fue por lo diferente que era de otros eventos similares que se enfocan en las mujeres. Pude asistir a las sesiones sobre las áreas en las que necesitaba más entrenamiento o inspiración. Los paneles y moderadores fueron increíbles porque eran expertos en sus áreas y muy accesibles para nosotros. Recomendaría este evento a todas mis colegas femeninas, amigas y compañeras dueñas de empresas, especialmente aquellas que quieran pasar al siguiente nivel en sus vidas, como fuera profesional o personal."

Nathalia N. Cruz Ortiz, REALTOR 

Dates of the Events are:

MD/DC/VA - March 6, 2019

Atlanta, GA - June 11-12, 2019