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Betty J. Hines is a Strategic Business Consultant who works primarily with CEOs and their Executive Management Teams in both the public and private sectors. However, many know her as a “Chief Collaborator,” “Business Connector,” “Women Business Advocate”, and founder of W.E.W Women Elevating Women. Betty is this week's guest for The Power of Owning Your Career Podcast. She shares her strategies for career success. 

This month's guest is Betty Hines, Founder & CEO of Women Elevating Women.


You’ll hear from multicultural women executives and entrepreneurs, as well as some visionary men discussing the 5 pillars of success or the 5c's which include Collaborate, Communicate, Connect, Cultivate and Courage. Stay Tuned and gain valuable insight on how this courageous group of diverse women and men scale their businesses & elevate their careers.


The 5 Cs Of Success

Becoming a W.E.W. member offers networking opportunities with a broad cross-section of women entrepreneurs and executives — plus training and guidance that focuses on the 5 Pillars of Success (the 5 Cs):

  • Connect with like-minded women who aspire to excel in both their business career and their business growth. Discover which formal (or informal ) groups provide the best platforms for your business and career development.

  • Cultivate professional relationships with like-minded women, and advise younger businesswomen — tomorrow’s thought leaders — on the steps they need to take to achieve their professional goals.

  • Collaborate with corporations, entrepreneurs, and business executives. Expand your circle of excellence. Understand how to overcome the barriers that prevent us from gaining greater access to capital and hidden business opportunities.

  • Communicate clearly. Learn how to develop your business brand and how to pitch it to others. Gain a fuller understanding of using different social media platforms to highlight your business’s values, as well as your products and services. Understand innovative ways of celebrating your most important ambassadors: your employees and your customers.

  • Courage is an essential ingredient in any successful enterprise. By working together and supporting one another, we gain the courage to move forward, even when the path is steep and the odds are long. Your involvement in W.E.W. includes interaction with experts who will present ways to overcome stress and maintain a healthy balance between business and family.

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